does this sound like you right now?

You feel frustrated, ignored, stuck, held back

You feel anxious or depressed, like a kind of grief – like you have lost your self, like you have lost your lust for life. That passion and flow you had as a child when you were lost in your favourite pastime – what happened to that? What happened to joy?

You know deep inside that you are meant for something big, but you wish you could get clear on what that is

You are so hard on yourself

Everything feels up in the air, on hold

You are exhausted by all of this

This was me for years…

So I absolutely know that, despite all of this, you still have a desire to have a lasting and meaningful impact on the world

And I know that even though you are finding it a challenge to get into a head and heart space to bring long held dreams into the light of day, you are SO READY TO CHANGE THIS.


Yes, I am so ready

Make Your Life Your Living Masterpiece…

I am here to help you courageously meet with the essential core of who you REALLY are.

The REAL you that has been diverted, smothered, delayed and ignored.

I am here to help you listen to that sacred core.

I am here to guide you into BEING and LIVING in exact alignment with your SOUL’S PURPOSE,  here on this beautiful planet.

I am here to offer you space to  LOVINGLY AND PLAYFULLY CREATE your life anew.

I invite you to reach out to me so that we can have a conversation,

and so you can find out more about my transformational groups and 1:1 programmes.

I’m Alison Smith, Radical Alignment Coach and Consultant for Creative Women.

I work with women who are unsure about their vision and life’s mission to help them find clarity, certainty, confidence and courage so that they can be who they really are.

Like any other creative project, YOU need design, nourishment, care and regular updating!

You need spaces that allow you to expand right out so that you CAN do this vital life-saving work.

I believe that crisis periods in our lives are actually vital transitions, and opportunities for creative growth. Opportunities to step right into your soul’s calling.

Discover how working with me will set you FREE to do that.

I’m ready for radical change

What Others Are Saying…

‘Alison holds the sessions beautifully, always clear and comforting about everything which makes you feel super safe and secure. She is also willing to allow and guide your Spirit into the wild and the whimsical as well as be with you in the tender and emotional.’

Laura, Coach & Healer

‘I feel stronger now. In my beliefs. In my femininity and in my sensuality. I feel empowered to take my next step on my journey to empower other women and to recite my poetry and tell my story with confidence’

Louise Diamant, Performance Poet

‘You’ve given me back my freedom of choice, clarity about who I am and what I’m capable of, also that I have potential, wisdom and power way beyond my present comprehension. Freedom is the end result – having clarity, courage, confidence and passion/belief has given me freedom beyond my wildest dreams!’

Tracy John, Artist and Spiritual Teacher

“The heart is like a garden.

It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love.

What seeds will you plant there?”

~ Buddha