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~ Alison Smith ~

What Others Are Saying…

” Alison has a heart of gold and a humble power. She has been an absolute honour and joy to work with and has also awakened something within myself which I find very special. I admire and enjoy her love of people and ability to see and appreciate their innate gifts. Alison has such a gentle yet truly powerful way with words and of telling moving stories that just seem to ignite something within me making me feel so connected to the inspiration available and the oneness we share with each other. I believe that Alison is a catalyst for compelling change in each other and the world. A teacher and a leader, a healing nurturer, a creative wombman, a Priestess! Someone I believe you can laugh and cry with completely authentically to your hearts content.”

Laura, Coach & Healer

“I found Alison’s kind and insightful guidance very reassuring. It was great delving into poems and great to have a structure to compose to, which also allowed me to understand that inspiration could be creatively encouraged rather than just awaited. I left the workshop feeling genuinely inspired – even in the lunch break my hometown seemed oddly changed! – both to write and to learn more. Thank you, Alison. ”

John, Poet

“Attending the “Find Your Element” workshop exceeded my expectations. The day was enjoyable and relaxing, and I came away feeling inspired and empowered. Alison led us gently and thoughtfully through a series of well-planned exercises which allowed us to explore and share ideas. We read and discussed a range of poetry and Alison made us feel very comfortable as she skilfully guided us in developing our own creativity. By the end of the session all the participants had produced their own unique very different pieces and I now have the tools and the confidence to try more writing of my own.”

Kathryn, Teacher

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree

it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

~ Albert Einstein