What We Will Create Together

With my help, you will: 



Discover and harness your signature strengths

Heal old wounds

Re-discover your creativity and gain new insights

Experience flow and confidence

Find and nurture your unique essence

Live your life in alignment with your purpose

Love your life and experience passion and bliss

How We Will Do It…

As a Counsellor and Coach, I am not limited to one way of working, and I am here to help you safely explore what is holding you back (in as much depth as you are comfortable with, and it might include issues from the past) as well as guide, support and at times challenge you to make the forward moving changes to your life that you need.

I offer 3 one to one experiences, each very different

  • Release Your Genius ~ 90 Day Premium Mentorship 

Inside you is someone who knows, your guardian spirit who is waiting to be released. It is your genius, waiting to be called forth, centre stage.

You genius wants nothing less than to be GREAT, and to create a new world-changing reality.

This is for you if you have put your heart and soul into caring for others and now it’s your time. Its time to step up as the change-maker you are and make an impact in the world, exploring your full potential through creativity and spiritual practice.

This programme helps you hone your unique contribution to the world at a turning point in human evolution, so that you can be a leader of transformative change. You will commit to a full-on immersive creative process, taking an active part but receiving more inspiration, healing and advice that a coaching experience gives. This is about working out your role in the transition to 5D reality, the beautiful new earth.

  • Clarity ~ A Six Week Coaching Journey

Enabling you to get clear about your truth, purpose and direction in six sessions of pure coaching. I don’t give advice. We don’t dwell in the past. We dance in the moment, the moment of pure potential. I guide, support and where appropriate challenge you to explore your emerging reality and design goals and plans in alignment with that.

  • Emergence ~ Single Mentoring Session  

All in one powerful, focused session ~ an exploration of your infinite potential to identify the changes you want to see in the world, explore what is stopping you, unite with your mission and get a clear vision of your direction. This is for change-makers, visionaries and thought leaders, or anyone who aspires to be a radical influence in the world.

Is This Right For Me?

Very good question, this is right for you if…

You want to CHANGE your life and the lives of others

You are READY to make change

You are WILLING to go into the risk or even danger zone in search of that change

You SENSE a stirring inside like a restless seed that needs water and nourishment

You don’t want empty promises

You don’t want to be directed

You want to be CREATIVE

You want an intuitive guide to help you through what is, in reality, a difficult transition

How Is Working With You Any Different To Any Other Coach?

Another great question and the answer is simple…

You get the whole me.

My training began in my childhood, but I am a qualified person-centred counsellor with thirty years’ experience of inspiring and creating change within people. I am a qualified and experienced teacher committed to experiential learning and with a deep knowledge of how people learn.

I have management and leadership experience that I now offer in service to creating the change in you that is needed so that you can do your real job, the real reason you are here in this time, in this place. This makes me able to nurture, transform, motivate, innovate and see what needs to be done, see what needs to be seen.

I am a qualified Level 2 Reiki practitioner and energy work is available to my clients to complement and enhance the core work if needed and appropriate.

My first degree is in Philosophy which enables me to work at depth. I am not afraid of big and perplexing questions! In fact, I welcome them.

I am last but not least an artist and a poet, and I understand the power of the creative urge that needs to be expressed in whatever unique form that is within you. I love music, visual imagery, and language and I love to communicate in all of these ways. And we can if needed use collage, writing, body work and visualization, even photography to help you access and express your true self.

The biggest difference between me and other coaches out there is that my mission is to help you find YOU, not some version of you that meets any expectations, including your own!

I do have certain beliefs that are a part of me but these are not imposed upon anyone I work with, but simply and gently held. Amongst these are:

I believe that we each inhabit a mind, a body, a soul and a spirit and so my programmes can work on any or all of these levels, tailored specifically for you.

I believe that life is a process and I have come to experience earth is a kind of school where we can learn valuable lessons. Earth is our most senior teacher.

I believe that humanity is at a major turning point or transition, towards what Charles Eisenstein calls a ‘new story’ – a world where we recognize and honour our uniqueness but also our interdependence and unity. The pain and anguish that many are feeling is because this change is due and is happening now, but it is not easy. Part of that move to unity is a search for deep experience, a union of body, heart and soul and the masculine and feminine as qualities within us and ways of being in the world.

I believe that the planet needs change makers in all areas of life and society to midwife this new story into being.

Which Programme Will Be Best For Me?

Release Your Genius ~ this 90 Day Mentorship Programme consists of ten 60 minute sessions with Alison, three distance energy healings and card readings, unlimited email support within working hours and a free copy of the Visionary Genius Playbook which supports and logs your progress.

Clarity ~ this 6-week pure coaching experience with Alison focuses in on exploring your reality in depth and creating positive lasting change.

Emergence ~ this is a single 90-minute mentoring session with Alison where we will explore what you need to do in order to change your story and move forward with a sense of mission and a clear vision. 

Still not sure which option is best for you?

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I’m Ready To Get Going, What Happens Now?

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What Others Are Saying…

” Alison has a heart of gold and a humble power. She has been an absolute honour and joy to work with and has also awakened something within myself which I find very special. I admire and enjoy her love of people and ability to see and appreciate their innate gifts. Alison has such a gentle yet truly powerful way with words and of telling moving stories that just seem to ignite something within me making me feel so connected to the inspiration available and the oneness we share with each other. I believe that Alison is a catalyst for compelling change in each other and the world. A teacher and a leader, a healing nurturer, a creative wombman, a Priestess! Someone I believe you can laugh and cry with completely authentically to your hearts content.”

Laura, Coach & Healer

“I found Alison’s kind and insightful guidance very reassuring. It was great delving into poems and great to have a structure to compose to, which also allowed me to understand that inspiration could be creatively encouraged rather than just awaited. I left the workshop feeling genuinely inspired – even in the lunch break my hometown seemed oddly changed! – both to write and to learn more. Thank you, Alison. ”

John, Poet

“Attending the “Find Your Element” workshop exceeded my expectations. The day was enjoyable and relaxing, and I came away feeling inspired and empowered. Alison led us gently and thoughtfully through a series of well-planned exercises which allowed us to explore and share ideas. We read and discussed a range of poetry and Alison made us feel very comfortable as she skilfully guided us in developing our own creativity. By the end of the session all the participants had produced their own unique very different pieces and I now have the tools and the confidence to try more writing of my own.”

Kathryn, Teacher

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“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”

~ Rumi