The Garden of the Tree of Life-

A free online group for creative women

The Garden of the Tree of Life  is a place of beauty, usefulness, growth, peace and harmony. It is a healing sanctuary, a temple where we do the work of cultivating a new world. The weeding, composting, digging, planting, creative visioning and patience that is needed to create and maintain a beautiful garden is also needed to create a beautiful life and a beautiful world. This group is that energetic space where we bring this into being.
Everything I co-create with you is about going back to the garden – where, as Joni Mitchell said, we can be starlight and golden once more.
It’s a space of seeding potential. I tend this space with love, as do I all of the beings here who are each beautiful, precious and rare.

Using the medium of Facebook group I hold space for creative, socially conscious, spiritually progressive and talented women who have a tendency to judge themselves harshly and consistently undervalue themselves, leading to subtle self sabotage and under-achievement.

This is very often due to deep trauma in early life, and/or a more recent experience of loss or transition in life or career.

The Garden of the Tree of Life is a space where I encourage you to interact and actively engage by sharing your own thoughts and experiences which invariably will help other women.

In taking this action we are engaging in the radical act of challenging and undermining the paradigm which states that women have to be in competition with each other, which feeds the underlying programming that we are not enough!

‘I am so grateful…to be a part of this beautiful group of humans. This FB site is a gift of a lifetime. Gratefully & lovingly yours

Sandy Janquart, Artist

What to expect in The Garden of the Tree of Life

I work with the energy and needs of members in providing what I do. 

  • A deep, creative challenge every 3 months where you will be invited to post or go  ‘live’ each day, share something about you, be witnessed and witness others.  

  • Daily themes. Each day has a focus – our current themes are storytelling, visioning, thinking, creativity, freedom and selling. 

  • I am active daily in the group and very often there will be exclusive events such as workshops on creativity and spiritual growth as well as spontaneous weekly challenges.

How to join 

Joining is free. Simply click on the link, and you will be asked to answer 3 easy questions to find out of the group is right for you. Once I have received your request and answers, I will personally add and welcome you to the group!

If you like to just recycle other people’s content or memes this group probably is not for you. If you are genuinely interested in how we can change society through changing our own reality, this is the group for you. 

Join ‘The Garden of the Tree of Life’ for Free Today