A membership group for women wanting radical change inside and out

Sisterhood | Depth | Support

We come together as a close knit, intimate sisterhood circle to lead change through ourselves and our unique essence, from which arises transformational action.

A membership group with a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription which gives you access to more in depth work and support from me, as well as discounts on all of my paid offerings.

It is about taking radical action so that you can transmute what is holding you back and have the love and support of a close sisterhood while doing so.

Each month we meet in circle via Zoom, and this includes a guided meditation which addresses the needs of the members, followed by a sharing of what is arising and the setting of intentions for the month ahead. 

Joining the Radical Rising is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. This is my safe space with other women – I’m heard and seen by women who I have come to love deeply

Louise Diamant, Writer and Performer

What to expect in the Temple of the Radical Rising Sisterhood

A transformational, active space where you will:

  • Take part in monthly powerful meditations uniquely chanelled by me for group members only

  • Meet with other like-souled women in our live monthly Zoom Circle where you are held and heard

  • Receive powerful teaching, guidance and motivation in bi-weekly live sessions related to the monthly theme

  • Learn about practices and rituals which will free you to become who you are

  • Make deep soul-based friendships

  • Get generous discounts on all of my current and forthcoming courses, workshops, retreats and 1:1 programmes

  • My support when you need it, via email or messenger

Join Radical Raising Sisterhood