Move Toward The Exciting New Version Of You Today

We all have wounds that we carry through life. Some of them weave a thread through our life creating self limiting patterns. Are your old, yet familiar sacred wounds holding you back from living the life you know you came to live?

It’s time to face those limiting patterns and weave a new tapestry from the old threads.

Create the new story.

Re-unite with your unique creative gifts, and move with courage and confidence back into certainty and clarity.

Do you sense it’s time for this change and expansion?


Community is something precious that has perhaps been lost in more recent times.

In life it is important to have people around you that will support and champion you and your ideas.
Some days those big goals just seem impossible and that’s when you need your community the most.

A supportive community believes in you—probably more than you belief in yourself!

Walk Through The Gate



As a Counsellor and Coach, I am not limited to one way of working.
I am here to help you safely explore what is holding you back in as much depth as you are comfortable with.
This may include issues from the past or present.
I will also provide guidance, support and at times challenge you to make the forward moving changes to your life that will get you where you want to be.

Walk Through The Gate


Retreats are a wonderful way to allow yourself the space and time to completely immerse yourself in you! Mixed with a beautiful location, fabulous food and like-minded people a retreat really is a powerful tool for real change.
All my retreats focus on powerful inner work combined with the support of a sisterhood circle to bring about a fully embodied experience of yourself as a human being and what this means for you. They are perfect for those that want a big infusion of inspiration.

Walk Through The Gate