Metamorphosis is my premium 1:1 programme for women ready to fully unite with their life’s mission

Work with me for 6 months with the intention of fully birthing a new you or creative project – very often both will occur together!

In 6 months we work closely together 1:1 to examine the very nature of YOU. We will transmute your blocks, and fully unite with your purpose. We go deep into vision, mission, values and purpose. We create a personalised programme using drawing, soul journeying, poetry, breath work, energy healing, inner dialogue and story telling enabling you to not only open up but gain control over your life because you become it, rather than feeling separated from it.

You also get immediate membership to a sisterhood with a group of caring women, skilfully facilitated by me in monthly and quarterly circles – which is a powerful way to be seen and heard in a loving, non-judgemental way and to practice sharing your REAL truth. This part of the journey contains my new Mission Possible session – 45 minutes of getting clarity on why you are here and the confidence to act on your knowing.

And as if that was not enough, you also get a 3-month transformative poetry course ‘Coming Home’ where you experience the power of poetry to contain your true voice and maximise the impact of your message for others.

Get crystal clear on what matters to you.

Be at one with your desires.

Know in every cell of your being WHY you are here on earth at this time.

Fall passionately in  love with your life.

Do what you love.

Transform yourself

This is truly a creative partnership. I lay all of my skills at your disposal so that you and your offerings for the world can be transformed and reborn.

Metamorphosis includes:

  • A fully personalised 1:1 series of 12 sessions where your soul can soar free, realise and express your truth.

  • Two online 1:1 sessions a month – 12 in all

  • 6 months’ membership of The Vision Circle – a sisterhood for women ready to step into their next level of growth and supercharge it

  • Full support by email throughout the whole process

  • Access to my signature transformative poetry course Coming Home, which includes a weekly training, extra exercises PLUS full support and feedback on your work in a hidden Facebook group.


Level 1 Opal – £385

Level 2 Emerald – £2885

Level 3 Diamond – £3399

Taking bookings from Friday 6th August  2021 – Doors Close on Sunday 22nd August

We begin on Monday 30th August

To discuss whether this is right for you, LET’S TALK – book an Authentic Conversation below. This is  a chance for you to explore what you want, to receive immediate guidance and find out more about my vision too.

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