Soul Coaching is a way of working which, by combining all of my skills in potent synergy (counselling, coaching and energy work), allows you to arrive and explore (in the realm of your Higher Self) what you TRULY want. It is the work of Radical Alignment. 

This is a series of 6 deep soul-coaching sessions with the intention of igniting your creative spark. Perfect for getting unstuck, getting going on a new project or kick starting a new one. 

Do you need a creative ignition?

Join me in this journey of 3 stages:

First, we clear the way free of what is holding you back

Second, we play in the realm of limitless possibilities to dream and vision

Third, you commit to action to get your project out into the world

Humanity is at a major turning point or transition towards what Charles Eisenstein calls a ‘new story’ – a world where we recognise and honour not only our uniqueness but also our interdependence and unity. The pain and anguish that many are feeling is because this change is due and is happening now. But, it is not easy. Part of that move to uniqueness and unity is a search for a deeper experience, a union of body, heart and soul and the masculine and feminine as qualities within us and ways of being in the world.

Your work is part of this transition.

The planet needs you to midwife this new story into being

This is an entry level offering, perfect if you just want to make a smaller investment, or have a quick result in one specific area. 

In just 3 sessions I can help you get totally clear on exactly what is holding you back, explore your vision and design aligned actions to get your work out into the world.


6 sessions = £1,333

How to book?

Simply click the link below to pay and I will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to begin.

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