I help women to unblock their creativity, This problem of blocked creativity inevitably (for the creative woman) results in a feeling of intense dissatisfaction leading at times to depression. It’s a feeling that you are separated from your life-source, your spark, your vitality. I know this because I am a creative woman, and when I get depressed, it is invariably because I am not expressing my creativity.

I am going to share with you what works for me and I want you to take what is useful, take what lights a spark in you. These are my secrets, they are things I allow to happen that get me into the state I need to be in to create anything – whether it is a piece of writing, a project, an event, an offering…these FOUR secrets get me back into flow, without fail.

ONE – Give yourself the gift of space and time to BE, to FEEL. It’s so easy to fall into doing, and this can become an addiction, a way of avoidance. There are always things you could be doing! This gift could be a day, a week, 2 hours in a day…but it needs to feel SPACIOUS. Because incubation and gestation require space and time this means that you are required to feel – to touch and be touched, to OPEN up to experience so that you have something to express.  This could even be a room of your own, where you can retreat to, to just be. There is no agenda to this surrender into being. But notice what arises when you allow it. Even when I was at my most pressed at work, I created  space in my car, and on the way to the office I created a ritual. I would buy a good cup of espresso, drive to the sea and simply watch the sunrise while sipping my coffee. This leads nicely to…

TWO –  Expose yourself to beauty. This is an absolute requirement for the creative life. What do you consider, what do you FEEL, is beautiful? What helps you feel a sense of wonder, the thrill of awe? What effectively engages all of your senses so that you feel vividly alive and connected? Is it being by the sea, or in a forest? Is it in surrounding yourself with beauty – fresh flowers, stones, shells, paintings, objects? Whatever you perceive to be beautiful, make this immediately available so that at any point in the day you can pick up that stone or gaze at that painting and instantly be taken to that place on your heart. Which leads to…

THREE – Let go. Let go of all of the stuff in your life that is blocking your energy. Let’s start with things – I have followed the advice of decluttering expert Maria Condo here for a few years now. Ask ‘Is it useful’? Ask ‘Is it beautiful?’ If neither, get rid of it. I love the power of questions here. With people you ask yourself – do I need/want/desire this person in my life? Do they bring me joy, do they love who I am, can I be myself with them. With situations you can ask – how is this serving my highest good? Then allow yourself to let them go. And also let go of addiction to outcomes and gratification. Just ALLOW. Allow yourself to do nothing. Allow yourself to make a mark on a page, record the spark of an idea, write ‘rubbish’ – actually LET GO of any idea of good/not good.

Number FOUR actually combines the previous three, and I have made it a non-negotiable start to every day of my life, so important is it. Immerse yourself in your element. If this is water, make a ritual of your shower, or your bath. If air, open the windows, feel the wind, change the energy. If earth, get your hands dirty in the garden or walk outside if possible. This is not however a prescription! It must be easy and come as naturally to you as breathing. It must bring you PLEASURE. This cannot be another thing you must do therefore resist doing. My element is water. And it’s not always possible to lie at the edge of the land/ocean on a warm summer’s day in Crete. Some of my most potent ideas come to me in the shower. All I do is just stand in the water stream, allowing it to cascade over my head and down my body, feeling it cleanse and energise me…and then they come, the ideas that I need to live the life I have come here to live.

So there you have it. My FOUR secrets which are all interrelated.


But there is another. Creativity needs solitude, but when we are blocked to the extent of depression or to the extent that we cannot live our life, then specialist help is needed. Over the years I have sought the help of healers, mentors, counsellors and coaches to help me wake up. Because there are times when we all need someone to nudge us back onto our path. And that is a really beautiful gift to give and receive.

So reach out to me, and I can help you with any of the above. I will devote myself to the overarching mission of freeing you. I will make myself available to our collaboration of finding what your soul is searching for.