We’ve all spent a lot of time at home over the past 12 months. Much that we thought we knew has been thrown up in the air, many questions have surfaced.

You may be experiencing a loss of, and a grieving for, your former self.

What we mean by home is also a question that is arising for us all as we tune into ‘the journey home’ and what it might mean to ‘come home’ or experience a true  ‘homecoming’.

As you read I am going to invite you to feel into and maybe write about how each of these aspects of ‘home’ feels to you right now.

At a purely physical level ‘home’ can mean the structure that you enter into that meets your needs for security, safety, warmth, comfort and belonging but that is also in alignment with who you are – this makes it a space where you can relax, take down your guard, pause, regroup, reset.

‘Home’ can be a place you might visit that you call home in a more spiritual sense, so that you feel you are in the right place here on Mother Earth.

It can mean a place or places that you can remember that played an important role in your life, and the memories associated with it, a place that you desire to return to. Or maybe it’s linked to our identity – as in ‘my home town’ – and a sense of the familiar and of belonging.

But ‘home’ is also something less tangible.

It’s a feeling of bliss, utter happiness and doing what you love that is independent of place. This might be accompanied by a sense of having returned too.

It’s the place in your heart where you create rituals and events which express your essence and give your life purpose and meaning.

It is Enlightenment. Freedom. An inner state where all struggle has ended, where all past pain has been burned in the fire of release. It’s where we live in the NOW.

It is a place of forgiveness.

It’s maybe for you a return to the Divine, a surrender to something greater than you – beyond the small self, the conditioned ego. A place where the soul experiences itself through the body.

It’s your most primal self, who you really are at your most potent and creative. It’s love, and the end of that feeling of separateness.

It’s congruence, an inner state where everything is in harmony and alignment.

It may be all, or some of these things.

Recently in my workshops and challenges ‘Come to the Edge’ and ‘Coming Home’ we explored how beginner’s mind and the writing practice of haiku helps us to come into a state of awareness allowing us to experience the world AS IT IS, unfiltered through the thinking mind. We’ve been feeling the peace, the release, the freedom  in that.

The practice of reading and writing poetry is a ‘Coming Home’. It is the meeting of flow and form, not knowing and knowing. Through it we arrive, in ourselves. A coming home to soul.

If you want a taste of how this feels, click on this link below to receive my FREE poetry prompt sheet which gives you 3 rich exercises, gateways, each with a unique key, back to you. Back to belonging.

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