We are all undergoing a Metamorphosis. A total transformation. Ultimately, I could say, we are all headed for a re-union with our soul. It’s messy, imperfect and can leave you feeling ‘unfinished’ in a way that is new and unfamiliar.

We have indeed been rocked, and shocked to the core in the last 18 months.

Certainly, if you are reading this you will have had periods of anxiety, exhaustion and deep (and maybe at times crippling) self-doubt. You are reading this because you are on the journey of total transformation. Your soul is calling to be freed. It is time to do the surrender, the shedding, the reveal.

A recent brush with acute illness that literally had me heading for the hills has made me realise that for some time now I have been rejecting who I fully am. Interesting that, as my role is to guide others into who they are ‘really’ ‘truly’ ‘fully’ are.

I know that the more you expand, the more ‘clever’ and subtle the self-sabotage becomes. So this was extremely subtle. So subtle I did not notice how angry I was – so at first my body did the shouting.

Once I acknowledged and surrendered to my body’s wishes for me (which was a combination of total and complete rest and some deep inner work) the following messages came through which I know I have to share – these are universal truths for us all now, and it is my hope that you find them healing and supportive.

So here they are – the 5 Truths to support you Right Now.

First, know that you have everything you need. It’s all there for you – every single person, thing and opportunity. It’s just that it’s been veiled. Half-seen, half-hidden, glimpsed at times when the veil blows aside in the breeze of remembrance.

Second, know that you will fully see it all in a way that makes sense for you.

Third, know that your innumerable guides in human, animal, energetic and archetypal form will be there for you to lead you home to yourself in a way that brings you joy.

Fourth, know that there is no such thing as a perfect human, and that everyone is a teacher – sometimes this will feel like a teacher, others a guide, others a mirror showing you your hidden aspects.

Fifth, know that religion is the institutionalisation and cultural appropriation of the desire for transcendence. Animism, or immanent divinity, diversified with the advent of patriarchy into polytheism (including personification of divinity) and then monotheism – the one God, apart.

I would love to know how these truths land with you, and to hear about any truths that have been becoming clearer for you.

In the Mystery School tradition the student is Queen. Every lesson is about your unique process and the conditions are created to support and enhance that. The central concern no less is with spiritual well-being stemming from unity with the divine. Then there is the  role of ceremony and ritual which is central in its role in igniting the creative genius within while honouring each individual’s unique process. A feeling of transcendence is engendered – a deep knowing of your essential self that is beyond ordinary human limitations, including death. Holding the space for this is a facilitator, a guide or teacher (traditionally a priestess).

If you want to explore the creative process as a portal to the freedom and clarity of the transcendent space, my new ‘mystery school’ the Women’s School of Metamorphosis is for you.

The Women’s School of Metamorphosis was in fact born from my recent unfurling. It came to me following a full spiritual dismemberment.

So in this School, we work principally with the emerging soul self aided by the poem, but also with open-ness to the painting, the drawing, the song, the story, the sound, the dance, and the visual. There are a range of powerful ways to explore and support your own process (more later on this)

But first – Who am I to do this? I have a powerful exercise I love to do periodically and three weeks ago it was once again time. Think about yourself as a total expert rocking it at every level and write about 10 major milestones which qualify you to do what you do. Here is mine, your lead facilitator in Women’s School of Metamorphosis. I am indeed a 21st Century Priestess and Mystic.

Your lead facilitator

Alison was born on June 27th 1960. She holds a BA Honours in Philosophy from The University of Liverpool.

She became a poet at the age of 17.

Between 1982 and 1989 she became a Mother and a Feminist both at the same time and taught freelance at various community groups in Northumberland and Tyneside.

In 1989 she gained her PGCE and qualified as a teacher and from 2001 to 2017 held leadership roles.   She has taught adults, young people and trained teachers in high schools, alternative education and more recently, online. In 2009 she received a Diploma in Counselling with Authentic Counselling Training under Peter Hughes and Alan Brice.

In 2019 she received an MA in Creative Writing, specialising in Poetry, from Manchester Met University under Carol Ann Duffy, and became a fully qualified ICF Accredited professional coach training under Gillian McMichael at Full Circle, Edinburgh.

She created her own therapeutic business in 2017 and is now the founder and facilitator of the Women’s School of Metamorphosis – an organisation dedicated to the empowerment and creative liberation of women – women who are ready to create the conditions for all beings to live in peace and harmony with the earth.

The Women’s School of Metamorphosis

Our non-human teachers

We also have 13 non-human teachers to guide you:

  • The Tree
  • The Ocean
  • The Cat
  • The Mountain
  • The River
  • The Sky
  • The Book
  • The Dream
  • The Earth
  • The Cosmos
  • The Archetypes
  • The Body
  • The Breath

In this space, we are exploring the original spiritual connection where the experience of transcendence arises from direct experience of unity – the all, the one, and with the poem (and the other creative arts) as ways in – doorways, or portals.

The Women’s School of Metamorphosis is infused with the energy of creativity and the imaginal realm – this is our ‘air’ so that each day we call in our genius (our Muse)  as inspiration, like a breathing in and a breathing out.

Our Processes

We work here with 4 principal practices.


The undoing and unravelling of the system of beliefs that function together to keep you bound to certain behaviours and situations.


The unremembering is the complete surrender to nothingness or the void. This can even be experienced in the imaginal realm as a visceral unrobing down to the bone. It is to break up and disintegrate the known self.


The reassembling and integration of the new self.


The coming to know and understand through sense experience, study or guidance.


Our containers


‘Ignite’ (6 sessions) , ‘Step into Freedom’ (3 months – 12 sessions) and ‘Metamorphosis’ (6 months and 12 sessions, including a sister circle) are all 1:1 relational containers where I guide, support and challenge you through the processes needed for your own unique Metamorphosis.

Click on each below to find out more:


Step into Freedom



‘Calling in the Muse’ is an immersive intense group experience on the island of Crete where you meet your Muse and dance in intimate relationship to create the life you desire.

Read more here

Membership Circle

‘The Vision Circle’ is a space to speak your truth, be seen, held and witnessed in a small circle of incredible women dedicated to their growth and transformation, and the creation of a beautiful world through their creative practices. There is a 6 month’s minimum commitment of 2 monthly circles, and a quarterly half day retreat as well as an online social space to interact and get support.

Read more here

Poetry Immersion

‘Coming Home’ is a group poetry workshop series/sister circle over 3 months twice a year – with a difference. Guided by the work of 9 powerful modern and contemporary poets you will experiment with ways of expressing your truth with maximum impact using the portal of the poem for both inner transformation and outer world changing magical alchemy.

Read more here

Free Facebook Groups

‘Women’s School of Metamorphosis’ is a group where you can share poems, stories, songs, visual pieces, dances and other creative pieces to delight, ignite and enlighten other women but also assisting your own full stepping out and flight into you – around a monthly theme guided by one of the 13 non-human teachers.

Join here

‘The Cocoon’ – coming soon! – this will a sub-group to the main Facebook group where you can go a bit deeper by taking part in more in-depth (free) trainings – in the form of workshops and challenges – to initiate and excite your metamorphosis process. There will be a new challenge in October!


In summary…

It is my joy, purpose and honour to be here to serve you in all of these ways.

Which way is good for you right now? I am open to creating the right combination of offerings tailored specifically for you.

Here’s to your and our continual evolution.

Our Metamorphosis serves the evolution of humanity and the whole game/drama/miracle of existence.

Share in the Facebook group your feelings and ideas around any of the things I have shared here.

Book a conversation here to co-create with me your beautiful bespoke package! Let’s do this!