Transmuting limiting beliefs. You know it’s part of the solution. But it doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, I know. And I am not denying that some pain will need to be felt instead of numbed. However, there are days when you need lightness, playfulness. And to be the creative being that you are, even when you are becoming more and more of yourself.

So how do you move through the blockages, shackles and mouth-tape of self-criticism while remaining true to your real self?

I know many ways, and here are just 3 to get you started.

1. Do/say the opposite – in one of my favourite Seinfeld episodes, George, who is the archetypal fool/seeker decides to do the opposite of everything that he’s been doing and saying that has not been working, and he finds that the exact opposite of what used to happen, happens. A woman is attracted him BECAUSE he tells her he is unemployed and lives with his parents. A whole cinema applauds when he tells the noisy people behind him to be quiet. He gets hired for a job when he tells the truth about how he feels that the boss has made a mess of the organisation. The point being is that there is a world where you are beautiful, successful, wealthy, loved…all of the things your inner saboteurs tell you that you are not. And it is literally available to you at the flick of a switch. When you catch yourself listening to these narratives ‘that will never work’, ‘that is just a dream’ etc it is time to act as if the opposite were true. Why? Because that MAKES it true.


2. Be a poet. Poetry is a meta language, a language beyond words – it works by suggestion, metaphor, universal truths, imagery, sound…many many magical tools are available to you as a poet. Here is an easy way to write a poem even if you have never written one before. Read a good poem. Read several good poems. (go online to The poetry Archive or the Poetry Foundation) Take a blank page and write down all of the SINGLE WORDS that you love in the poems you have read – maybe it’s the sound of the word when you read it out loud, or the memory it evokes. When you have collected a page of words, write a poem of a set number of lines. Decide on 3, or 7 or 10…whatever number feels good for you. Now write, and feel the magic unfold!


3. Love yourself – fiercely and always, no matter what. Only wear what feels good, only do what feels good, allow yourself to be COMPLETELY ATTENTIVE to your every need. Be your own worshipper. Right now I want you to write down a list of everything you have achieved, your successes – starting with the traditionally acceptable things like qualifications, yes including ‘qualified driver’, and then less traditionally accepted qualifications like ‘mother to 4 wonderful children’. If this feels hard, or your critic appears, focus on remembering and visualising all of the times when you set yourself a goal and achieved it. And choose 4 that you are going to use to describe who you are from now on. Now get a photo of yourself, and print or write out the language of who you are underneath the photo. Frame it. Put it in your wall. Or even make a ‘book of me’ – with a page for each thing. OWN IT, CLAIM IT. Be creative with it.


And have fun!

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